4 thoughts on “Here is the ad from Tarusanna

  1. kids
    a god one
    cool for kids
    no its easy to identify
    bright colours
    happy and not sad at all
    circle ones
    cool because its for kids
    dinosaur is extinct
    all of it
    no no explination

  2. 1. the intended audience for this ad is young children
    2. the general mood of the advertisment is fun, exciting and happy.
    3. Typface is used to name the product and show what you can do with it.
    4. A logo is clearly presented by the writing ‘Magical Textas’
    5. A variation of bright colours are used in this advertisment.
    6. The light colour in the ad is represented as the sky and the dark colour is represented by the ground. This makes the ad look exciting.
    7. The use of shapes in the ad represented certain objects i.e the sun and the dinosaur.
    8. the overall composition is very interesting and captivating.
    9. yes the dinosaur; he seems to be enjoying the sun and enjoying life.
    10. the setting is outside, its not related to the product but the picture is drawn with the product.
    11.there arnt any symbols used in the ad, just text..
    12. there isnt any sub text.
    13. the needs that sell are the drawing,textas,and the bright colours.
    14. yes the advertisment is affective because its bright and appealing to the eye.

    • This is another excellent response. It seems that the ad appeals to you and you don’t see the need for any changes.

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