4 thoughts on “This is the MOPSSS print ad

  1. for people around teens
    happy cool
    colour and half black horrible
    every shape
    it is very clear and presentable
    at school
    every thing

  2. 1. Probably hipsters would like his, or Callum…
    2. The general mood is pretty happy and a good and exiting atmosphere.
    3. The typeface or font conveys a simple but obvious.
    4. It’s pretty obvious what they are advertising.
    5. The colours are a great contrast to each other, the normal red and the back and white made the coloured side pop.
    6. The light and the dark made it obvious what side you should be looking at, it expressed good emotions.
    7. There weren’t really any shapes I think.
    8. The overall composition of the ad definitely tied together pretty well. Mainly because it made it relatively simple, which is always good in an ad.
    9. The only character was Cystal, and I guess she shows that she is happy.
    10. The setting is just in a dark are I suppose.
    11. The beats ‘B’ symbol or log was used in this advertisement, it just shows the logo simply.
    12. I don’t even know what the hell a subtext is…
    13. I guess it used the I want this product to be a raster cool cat rule…
    14. Yes it is, because it gets your attention and it shows what’s being advertised clearly.

  3. 1. probs younger people and music lovers
    2. general mood is happy
    3. type face simple but modern
    4. yep, obvious to see what they adverting
    5. i like it because on the black and white side it makes it clearer to see the logo
    6. good emotions and makes it clear to see what they are advertising
    7. nope many shapes
    8. yeah it all ties together really well and works well
    9. character is Crystal and she seems to be pretty happy
    10. there is no real setting its just a black wall
    11. the only simple really is the beats symbol with represents the product
    12. yeah it ties in well with the product
    13. umm dunno…
    14. yes because grabs people attention and advertised clearly

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