4 thoughts on “The Dank Media ad

  1. old people
    don’t die
    wow factor
    yes is good
    dead people on cover pic
    because he is a sick person on cover
    all of it
    yes no explanation

    • Your responses should provide information to help improve the ad. You need to provide full sentence answers, or th ad makers will not be able to understand you>MR JONES

  2. 1. The intended audience is elderly people.
    2. The general mood that this advertisment conveys is depressing because it uses dark colours.
    3. The insurance companys name szhould be smaller than the information, there is too much going on.
    4. The logo is clearly present although its too big.
    5. the colours used are only black and white, it has a sad and depressing affect on the veiwers.
    6. The relationship between light and dark in the ad are not present as it is only black with white text. This contrast makes you feel sad, down and depressed.
    7. There are no real shapes in the ad except for the logo.
    8. There’s only text and a logo in this ad, although the logo of the ad hasn’t got many similarities regarding the advertisment.
    9. No the advertisment doesn’t contain characters.
    10. the setting is black. it could possibly relate to the ad due to the ad is advertising death insurence.
    11. The symbols in the advertisment is a ‘smiley face’ with two crosses as eyes. it could symbolise a person who has passed, from observing the eyes on the smiley face.
    12. The subtext is related to the product. its describing what the ad is representing and asking whether someone would be looking for an insurence of that description.
    13. The ad does prove that its good to have life insurence, as it states whether you’d feel comfortable leaving the expenses of you death to your family.
    14. Personally, MOPSSS Media does not agree that the advertisment is affective. The advertisment isn’t captivating, due to the fact that is is just plain black and white, and the text is too small.

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